BGW Works:

A collection of writings by and about Barbara G. Walker, and related material

List: All published works

The Unbeliever's Bible : Collected unpublished essays   (pdf)

The flyer for Man Made God, published 2010   (pdf)

Collected reviews for Man Made God   (pdf)

Readers' comments on Man Made God   (pdf)
    (excerpted from Amazon reviews)

The Art of Tarot, a short history of playing cards
  (plus book / deck info)

Tarot Talk: longer presentation notes on the history of the Tarot,
  and its influence on modern playing cards   (pdf)

Tarot artwork proof prints layouts   (old, somewhat faded)

Barbara's tarot / oracle card deck inventory
  (Lifetime collection, minus some sold-off items; rest are still available)

Atlantis: Evolution of a Myth   (pdf)
   (an essay from Belief and Unbelief)

Womb Envy: an interview with Joan d'Arc   (pdf)

Levity:   What if the "three wise men" had been women?

Recommended Reading   (pdf)

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Other topics: knitting

Interview with Meg Swansen   (pdf)
    (From Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2013 issue)

The Treasury Project:   A community effort to reproduce all of the patterns from the "Treasuries" books, and build a public-domain, copyright-free archive of detailed imagaes.
    (From about 2008 - 2014, project appears to have stopped)

A six-minute sweep of Barbara's *original* doll-clothing collection as it was in 1989, recovered from a very old and somewhat badly shot video.  Full-screen it and freeze at the more-focused points to view best detail

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Random external resources

Study group: The Barbara Walker Tarot   at the Tarot, Tea, and Me community
Details and discussion about some individual cards from the tarot deck, taken from the accompanying guide booklet.  (Partial project, card images available to logged-in forum members)

Barbara's Wikipedia page (somewhat inaccurate in places)

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